We know that the return of advantages when you are using IQ options, and when you are using IQ options, you will be dealing with an entity that is legally licensed and regulated and has one of the most accessible trading applications around. The customer support is world-class, and money withdrawal is secure as well as fast, and you will be able to use several different kinds of methods to withdraw your money.

Even if this is the best platform you can find online for trading, you should still make sure by reading the terms and conditions and other details. The steps to withdraw the money are the same for most trading companies, all you have to do is select the amount you want to withdraw, choose the withdrawal amount, confirm that you want to do it and wait for it.

But there are some essential differences. There are differences in the allowable amount that you can withdraw and the time before the money is transferred to your bank account. Yeah, there will be other things which might be required as a proof of your identification and other supporting documents, but with using IQ option, you will be able to get used to a process that is more streamlined which makes it a popular platform for a good amount of traders.

If you are a new trader and you have made your first successful trade, your first impulse might be to get a hold of your gains faster by withdrawing your funds. But, more successful traders choose not to withdraw right away and decide to invest in the long term.

If you want to trade just to have some fun, go ahead and withdraw your money but if you are doing the reading part for fun, why to invest real money at all, you could use the demo account so that it will be something risk-free.
In case you are trading seriously, make sure to wait before you withdraw so that your trading plan can take action.

One of the simplest things in the IQ option is the withdrawal process. You will be able to use your credit cards, E-wallet providers and wire transfer to withdraw your money. There are other brokers on the Internet who are the competition for IQ options, but most of the Other brokers take at least two days to process your transaction. You will be able to do the same thing faster and within 24 hours free of cost.

These are the policies that make it option the best trading platform in the world

So below you will find the methods and tips to withdraw your money from IQ option

Credit card/Debit card

If you want to withdraw through a credit card or debit card it is a preferred choice when using it option. Currently, there are a limited number of cards in which IQ option accepts, visa, visa electron, Maestro, and MasterCard.

If you are having some insecurities while conducting withdrawal using your bank card, you do not need to worry about that because IQ option has the first highest payment card industry data security standard which is the merchant level.

Wire transfer withdrawal

This is something you might not want to use because there are several reasons. It takes 24 hours for the IQ option to process the withdrawal request. After the IQ option has processed the withdrawal request, it will take a longer time for eight to get processed by the bank which is holding that account. There are dynamic prices for wire transfer, the rate of those prices depends on the locations which are involved in it and the practices which your bank has. If you are using credit card withdrawal, you do not have to worry about this thing.

There are some reasons you might need to use wire transfer. One of the reasons is the anti-money laundering law, and in case you deposited your money using wire transfer, you will have to stick to wire transfer for all the troubles because you will have opted out of credit card transactions. Eventually, when you use all your pan card credit, withdrawing using this wire transfer option is the only choice you might have.

Electronic wallets

you can also use one of the best methods to withdraw money that is Electronic wallets. A third-party payment gateway provides this. There are some issues with electronic wallets, but if you use the big fish in the market, you are less likely to encounter any problem. The most common electronic wallet channels for IIT options are the one which we have listed below


This wallet is based in London in the United Kingdom. It will ask for your email address to be used as the login. You will also get a chance to activate two-factor authentication so that there is additional security.


You will need to verify your account first before you can retrieve your funds. To do that, you will have to submit a bank statement which is issued no later than three months ago.

It has support for 26 National currencies, you can also verify those currencies on the official website.


This one is headquartered in Russia. There are a lot of awards. This one won in 2016. You do not need a bank account or credit card to use this application. There are eight different currencies and assets which are supported by this application.

The other options which you can consider are Boleto and FasaPay.

Make sure that you know that it is a security measure in the IQ option to require you to withdraw the money with the same bank card or electronic wallet which you have used to deposit your money. We hope that this article helped you out and IQ option review.


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