This platform is managed by IQ options Europe Ltd, IQ Option is a financial services provider who is designated as an investment form in Cypriot. This platform is fully authorised to provide financial services to the clients from the European economic area, and it has a dedicated license for that.

This platform is operational and has won a lot of awards which shows the quality of services and reliability. There are a good amount of standard trading platforms out there, but its options are one of the best because this platform has been designed to Cater to the needs of their clients. You can also use this platform for CFDs and binary options trading. It has been designed to be user-friendly, and there is a big chart which is helpful for traders who want to monitor each and everything easily in the market and IQ Option review also good.


There is a wide array of selections when it comes to the instruments on this platform. The tools which this platform provides are not typically available on any other platform which is capable of binary trading. There are even advanced tools that are unique and can be used to get indicators like moving averages, Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI.

They also keep on adding new features to the platform to offer more flexibility to the traders. One such feature is the position top up feature which will allow the trader to hold a trade open if it is approaching a stop loss. This will mean that the trader will have more chances to recover from the trade before it closes.

If you are a trader who is unable to remain at the trading terminal for a long amount of time, you will be able to install the mobile application which is provided free of charge by IQ option. It has been specifically designed for smartphones as well as other mobile devices which will allow you to check your account status and stay updated with every development which is executed in the market trades.

There are three different types of trading accounts that are offered by this platform, a standard trading account, a VIP trading account, and a demo trading account that will add the virtual funds to your account. To open a normal account, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $10 which is required and for the VIP trading account, you will need to deposit $1,900 and hit the trading volume of one $15,000.

Both are the types of reading accounts that will need the trader to participate in the IQ option weekly trading competitions. However, the VIP account will also have benefits like free participation in trading promotions and 3% additional returns and personnel management services. If you are a potential trader who wants to try out the platform, you can sign up using the demo account, which is free of cost. You will not need to pre-deposit any amount for using the demo account, and there will be a thousand Dollars preloaded into the demo account so that you can practice your trading skills in there without any risk.

IQ option does not offer any kind of deposit bonus, but traders are still able to take advantage of the promotional offers and competitions which they can join in for an entrance fee. You might be able to win 1000 to $100,000.


You will be able to trade and 90 different types of assets. There are several currency options like market indices, stocks, commodities. Twelve different types of cryptocurrencies are included for the clients so that they can trade them in. There is a list of markets that are available to trade, and the list is constantly growing. This form also updated the list of stocks and share, and the total number of stocks and shares are more than 150 now. This expansion will keep on continuing and growing and all the areas. This platform is also able to spread markets across all the products like gold, silver, digital trade assets list.

FX options

These are the new kinds of products that have been introduced in the IQ option platform. They are only available across the five major currency pairs because they are new. They are available in European regulated markets, and they offer fixed risk investments which are similar to binary options. An expiry set for each option and the payout is dependent on the Asset price. Therefore, if you have bought a call or put, both of them can be sold before the expiry so that the trader can lockout and profits or cut losses.

Cryptocurrency multiples

This one is another product that is delivered by IQ. These are the types of which work and average trade effectively, and therefore, the price movements and the underlying assets are more. IQ option is the first platform that introduced this with Bitcoin. This amplified the price movements by hundred times creating a big opportunity as well as risk for traders.

This product was the thing which made IQ option popular, and therefore IQ option has expanded to connect to Ethereum, ripple and many other kinds of cryptocurrencies. The multiplayer factor has a limited range, and it is mentioned on the official website. These products are only available to non-European traders.

One of the best things about IQ option is the customer service which they provide point to ensure that the traders will able to get assistance whenever they want, the support services are available 24 by seven, and this is the best thing about IQ option. You will be able to contact the support team using email, live chat on the telephone. If your mother tongue is not English, the website has e also been translated, and Tour doesn’t think of different languages.


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