This is one of the new trading platforms which has been booming for a while now because of the features which it provides. They are the right amount of things which people do not know about this platform, but the fact that it provides the best tools for the beginner traders to use is the reason for this website going viral.

Binary options have two basic types of things which are known as the high low and the Asset or nothing type options. The former is the option that has a specific expiry date and time, along with a strike price. The latter is the one which does not have an expiry date, but the traders get effect return Once the option expires. The investors will be paid based on the total value of the security. There are cases where binary options are mixed with other kinds of tools to on higher yields.

The strike price, are the expiry, the payout and the risk will be disclosed for transparency purposes. These are the basics for binary options investing, and more importantly, the investor should be sure to enlist the services of the binary options broker to profit from the investment, but he has made.

It is essential that an investor analyst in the services of a binary options broker so that he can profit from Sach investment. The brokers are capable of analyzing trends that lead to sound investment decisions. There are a lot of binary options brokers who will provide investors with the assistance they need. IQ option is considerably new, but it is still trying to improve its always by updating the technology is and staying with the audience.

Signing up for the service is as easy as it gets and all you have to do is allowed form and provide some identifying information so that they can verify that you are, For Full Process, Check out IQ Option Review and Tutorial 2020, Now, The fantastic thing about this platform is that this platform will only need you to invest $10, which is the minimum deposit required and is very cheaper than other options broker. The even better option is that depositing money is easy with many methods available for the investors. If you have completed the registration process, you will start seeing the emails which are meant to help you learn about the binary options trading.

The account levels

There are two kinds of levels in the binary options trading platform; they are the real account as well as the VIP account. If you are using the real account, you will have access to a lot after eating opportunities, and you will be able to participate in the tournament which only needs a quick small fee. You will also be able to make the withdrawals you want to make quickly.

VIP account of well allow you to use the real money to trade and you will also get your manager. All of this will be on top of the features of the real account. You will also be able to add your assets to the favourite asset section. These assets will be displayed every time you log in, and you do not need to look for them, all you need to do is login and trade right away.


The user interface of this platform is incredible. The User experience on another and is also phenomenal. All it needs is a few seconds to load a ton of tools. You can also check out the graph which has been provided to you, and you can also zoom and using the five-screen functionality.

You will only need to take a few steps to start trading, and the customizability of this platform is on another level. You will also be able to add custom indicators and trend lines, as well as other critical data. The downloadable solution is also available for Android as well as iOS devices.

The mobile application service pushes the binary options trading to a whole another level. This mobile application is one of the best apps in the market because of the ease of use and excellent graphics. It is so fast that it has now the most popular application among most of the day as opposed to the desktop version.

When you compare the mobile application with the desktop application, the mobile app is there any more popular because there are no other applications that are similarly fast. This mobile application is perfect for people who are reading on the go and who are travellers and cannot carry their peripherals with them.

The security features of this application on another level as well because you will be able to use your biometrics to log in and also use your Google and Facebook account to log in. All the desktop features will be available in the mobile application.

If you are on your trader, you are most likely having a standard binary options account. The supplements that you are an active trader and your total deposits are not over $3,000. In case you can accumulate deposits about $3,000, VIP options will be assigned to you.

There are a ton of benefits when it comes to a VIP account for traders because it will be accompanied by an educational section that will teach you all about money management, indicators, other lessons in binary options trading.

There are other options like the binary options tournaments, which will help you participate in the competitions which are held in public. This is the most sophisticated thing around. All you have to do is be a small fee which is from $5 to $20 depending on the magnitude of the competition.

After you have entered the tournament, you will be provided with the money which is virtual to be used in the tournament, and the different tournament has different user actions. These kinds of tournaments could last from anywhere between a day to a month. As a participant, your goal is to make as much profit as you can, and you will be rewarded accordingly. In most of the tournaments, the trader with the most profits will win the tournament.


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